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Our range of insulation for industrial applications can help users achieve multiple benefits






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Storage Tank

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Other Equipment
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Boilers operate at high temperatures generally starting from 180oC.
Insulation ensures


  • Process stability
  • Surface temperatures are maintained less than 60oC
  • Energy savings

Saint-Gobain offers Rockinsul, a range of stone wool insulation for boiler applications up to 750oC. It is capable of withstanding high temperatures for extended durations without experiencing physical deformation or loss in dimensions.

To facilitate easy installation around curved surfaces, we manufacture flexible LRB Mattresses that provide superior thermal resistance.

For boiler tops where accessibility may be required during maintenance, customer may use rigid / semi rigid RB slabs that withstand mechanical loads and remain dimensionally stable.



Pipeline network enables fluid flow (gaseous / liquid) from one place to another. These fluids are generally transported at a specific temperature as per process requirements.

Saint-Gobain offers a range of insulation products for pipelines across hot and cold temperatures. For hot temperatures, our range of Rockinsul insulation ensures temperature stability and heat loss reduction, while also providing fire safety.

Pipe Section

  • Pre-formed snap on insulation
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Less wastage
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Diameter from 0.5 to 24 inch
  • Can be offered in any density and thickness with / without factory applied facing
  • Pipe section for multi-layer insulation and customized diameter also available

LRB Mattress

  • Flexible
  • Can be used for pipe of any diameter
  • Available in any density and thickness as per requirement
  • Available with GI or SS wire mesh

For cold temperatures, our range of glass wool insulation, 'Twigainsul,' is a fire-rated product suited for sub-zero temperatures and up to 230 °C. Factory-applied facings, such as aluminum and polypropylene, act as a vapour barrier to control the effects of condensation and protect the insulation.


Storage Tank

Tank Wall

For tank walls of smaller diameters with high curvature, we offer stone wool LRB Mattresses which are flexible and can be used upto 750oC.

For tank walls of large diameters with low curvature, our range of stone wool RB slabs can be offered in any density and thickness, with or without factory applied facing.

For dual temperature operations (sub-zero and medium temperatures upto 230oC), our range of glass wool rolls and slabs is used.

Tank Roof

Tank roofs sometimes need to take up additional loading to support walking. For such application, we offer RB slabs with high compressive strength.

  • Easy installation
  • Dimensionally stable under mechanical loads
  • Available in various densities and thicknesses
  • Prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) : Can offer water repellant , low Chloride insulation.

LNG Tank

With an increase in the use of natural gas, there is a rising adoption of storage technology facilitating storage of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) at cryogenic temperatures as low as -160oC. Insulation is required to maintain this temperature effectively and at minimum energy costs. For such a critical application where maintenance also becomes difficult, we offer a special range of insulation called ‘Cryolene’


  • Resilient Blanket
  • Operating temperatures from -170oC to +120oC
  • High tensile strength with reinforced facing
  • Excellent fire resistance with optimized binder content
  • Thermal stability despite temperature shocks
  • Extended lengths upto 40 m, reducing joints and heat leakages
  • Proven reliability

Other Equipment

We supply the right insulation for equipment and processes where specific temperature and acoustic level are to be maintained. All our product are fire safe and ensure :

  • Process stability
  • Minimum wastages and stoppages
  • Energy savings
  • Maintaining surface temperature up to 60oC
    (even 55oC as per requirement)
  • Reduce risk of human injury


Heavy-duty, professional bakery ovens and industrial ovens require insulation designed to meet specific application requirements. For such demanding applications, we offer Rockinsul RB slabs, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

  • Rigid / semi-rigid insulation
  • Ease of installation in wall slots
  • No sagging when in use
  • Low maintenance

Heat Exchanger

For relatively smaller equipment such as heat exchangers, our range of flexible LRB Mattress in stone wool is most suited. This allows customers to apply the insulation around flat or curved surfaces according to the equipment’s requirements.

Flange, Valve and Other Fittings

Despite insulating pipelines, heat losses can occur if flanges, valves and other fittings are left uninsulated. For an effective system with minimum heat loss, one must insulate such areas also.

To achieve maximum energy savings, customers use box covers with insulation such as LRB Mattress to insulate the flanges and valves. Loose wool may also be used in such cases.

Exhaust Duct

Flue gas or exhaust duct systems need attention to various aspects while insulation :

  • Heat loss reduction
  • Personnel protection
  • Control temperature to prevent condensation and corrosion
  • Noise barrier (acoustic insulation) due to high flow speeds and turbulence

Our Rockinsul range of LRB Mattress is a flexible solution to address all these requirements. With high thermal resistance, excellent acoustic absorption and low sound transmission, it is a preferred choice to control temperature and noise.

Diesel Generator Set (DG Set) / DG Room

With high temperatures and low space availability, the choice of insulation for a DG set is very critical. Our Rockinsul range of LRB mattresses and pipe sections offer the perfect solution with low thermal conductivity for ducts / pipes.

As a result of moving parts and gas /air flow, noise control is another critical aspect in a DG room. For enclosures, Rockinsul RB slabs are used.

  • Easy installation
  • No sagging
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent acoustic absorption

Sandwich Panel

Insulated sandwich panels are gaining popularity due to fast construction and less labour requirement. These are used in specific areas such as clean rooms, data centers, cold chain and cold storage areas, factory buildings and pre-fabricated buildings. For this application, we offer a dedicated range of products such as Tuffinsul Slab and Lamella Bat which offer high compressive strength and fire safety in insulation. With a dedicated range of products such as Tuffinsul Slab and Lamella Bat, we address requirements of high compressive strength and fire safety in insulation.


For all other equipments such as electrostatic precipitator (ESP), lab equipment, chimney and more, please feel free to connect with us.