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Commercial Building


'Electricity costs contribute to a major share of an organisation’s operating costs. This includes the cost of keeping the workspace cool and comfortable to enhance employee productivity. Thermal insulation helps in achieving energy efficiency in HVAC system.

Noise is also an important aspect of the commercial building segment. Our insulation solutions enable the achievement of acoustic comfort through noise absorption and isolation.'






All our glass wool and stone wool products are non-combustible ensuring

Least fire propagation

Low toxic smoke generation

No fire

Occupants time to escape

Our EUCEB certified products are bio-soluble in nature and are safe for health.


Partition Wall

Underdeck Insulation

Façade / Wall Insulation


Partition Wall

Partition walls generally separate two rooms and are made of metal, timber, cement or gypsum. The purpose of using insulation within a partition wall is to prevent sound transmission from one room to another.
Our glass wool rolls can be used within partition walls for sound reduction while also offering protection from fires in adjacent areas.

  • STC 41 to 75 dB
  • NRC 0.65 to 1
  • Fire Rating Upto 3 Hours


In commercial buildings, roofs are generally made of high-density RCC, which conducts heat at a fast rate when subjected to high temperature differences. To reduce heat ingress through the roof, the underside of the RCC can be insulated with laminated insulation solutions. Adequately insulated roofs help maintain thermal comfort and achieve energy efficiency of air conditioning system.

Our glass wool boards for underdeck :

  • Rigid / semi-rigid
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Fire safe
  • EUCEB certified, health safe
  • Aesthetic look achieved with suitable facing

Façade / Wall Insulation

Façade is the exterior envelope of a building which is most prone to heat gain. To reduce the energy load on a building, the opaque part of a building’s façade is also insulated.

Our glass wool boards which are rigid/semi-rigid in nature are used for façade insulation. Insulation with factory applied black glass cloth facing can be used for the aesthetics of the building. By using a black glass cloth facing / tissue, the insulation colour will not spoil the appearance of the glass on the façade.

To prevent floor-to-floor fire spread, high-density stone wool must be installed to seal the spandrel area. We offer stone wool slabs or lamella bats for such requirements.